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The GoetheanumFund is an independent movement committed to human values, sustainability and the creation of culture, for humanity and for nature.

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Many people use and appreciate products and services that originate from Anthroposophically oriented research. Produce from biodynamic agriculture, Weleda and Wala/Dr. Hauschka medicines and cosmetic products, Anthroposophical therapies and clinics, Steiner schools and kindergartens, curative education homes.

More than sustainable: creating a more humane culture

It is impossible to know just how much persistent and dedicated work is necessary to make these products and services available. This work brings out and nourishes the best and most beautiful qualities in nature and in people with sensitivity and dedication. It moves beyond the idea of sustainability in that it creates a new, more humane culture.
It is the aim of the newly founded GoetheanumFund to become a broad movement of people committed to supporting this research and related developments effectively and directly.

Agriculture, medicine, pedagogy and more

In campains and publications like this one we will inform you about the work and the research that is done in the different areas. The first campaign was launched in spring 2008 and was dedicated to biodynamic agriculture. Using the example of cow horns and illustrating results of scientific studies, it was introduced as a modern, holistic approach to agriculture, dedicated to animal welfare in keeping and feeding, balancing the organism of the farm as a whole and working towards long-term sustainable soil fertility. The second edition delt with Anthroposophical medicine and nursing. Many other fields of work followed.

The GoetheanumFund is an initiative of the Anthroposophical movement in Switzerland in the broadest sense. More specifically, the ‘responsibility is carried by members among the committee of the practical fields of work in Switzerland, the representatives of which have met regularly for the past ten years. Legally, this committee is part of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland, a non-profit organization that transparently manages the financial movements, ensuring that the beneficiaries will receive the full amount of incoming donations.

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