Interview with the Founder

GoetheanumFund is an initiative committed to creating a sustainable culture of human values.

Marc Desaules, Board member of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland, explains why the GoetheanumFund is important.

What is the aim and purpose of the newly founded GoetheanumFund?

Many people use and appreciate the products and services originating from anthroposophically oriented research. Examples are Demeter products, Weleda and Wala/Hauschka medicines and cosmetics, as well as Waldorf schools, curative education, and anthroposophical clinics. However, consumers rarely know about the persistent, devoted research that is behind this. Only creativity and hard work make these products and services possible. The GoetheanumFund intends to build the basis to directly and effectively promote this research.

How is the Fund organized?

Very efficiently. Every donation is split. Half of it goes to applied research in the particular field in Switzerland. The other goes to support general basic research in the respective Section at the Goetheanum, School for Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland.

Who is behind the GoetheanumFund?

The Anthroposophical movement in Switzerland. Legally, this fund is part of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland, a non-profit organization that transparently holds the money flows in trust.

What kind of impulses does the GoetheanumFund want to give?

The aim is to have one or two publications a year in the form of newspaper inserts. The inserts inform extensively about the work and research in the different fields. Concrete examples are used to illustrate the current situation and document the difficulties, perspectives and successes in a particular area of research.

What areas of work will be presented?

The first editions were dedicated to biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine and nursing, education and curative education. This one covers aging and dying. Following editions will cover arts, economics and other themes that relate to our modern society.

How sustainable is the Anthroposophical method?

I think that it isn’t just wholly sustainable, it’s a lot more than that: it creates a human culture. Sustainable means preserving the present conditions for future generations. The Anthroposophical approach aims to improve these conditions through a more human culture, allowing the individual to enjoy greater freedom and be more responsible at the same time.

Is there scientific proof for this?

Yes, definitely, by various means in different area of life. One example is the research in the field of agriculture, which has been carried out over many years. Over the last thirty years, three different methods of farming, biodynamic, organic and conventional, have been compared. Solid, scientific results clearly show the benefits of biodynamic agriculture. Soil fertility is not only kept at its present levels, but these levels are actually enhanced (see

Who benefits from the GoetheanumFund?

Applied research in the different fields of practical work will benefit directly from half of the donations. The other half will go to the respective sections at the Goetheanum for general research activities. However, indirectly all of us benefit from the results of this research, as they contribute, often invisibly, to the progress of our civilization.

Which products represent the ideas of GoetheanumFund?

Some essential products were already mentioned. Products from biodynamic agriculture: Weleda, Wala, and Tautropfen cosmetics, Sonett soaps and cleaning products; various homeopathic medicines based on anthroposophical pharmacy as well as diverse treatments and therapies. In addition to this, the educational methods of the Waldorf or Steiner schools, the increasingly important basic principles for early childhood care, the curative education approaches, to name only the well-known ones. Less noticeable, but equally significant are the results of more general scientific and artistic research.

Why are you involved in GoetheanumFund?

Because I am convinced that what we need today is not just more sustainability, but more culture, more creativity, more humanity. If we want future generations to be able to live a truly human life in freedom and responsibility, we have to fund the necessary research today.

How can others support the ideas behind GoetheanumFund?

Anyone can support the initiative with a one-time or regular donation based on their individual circumstances. We will keep them informed about the work of GoetheanumFund and its development.

Marc Desaules

Interview with Marc Desaules, Board member of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland.