Elderly Care

Finding spiritual meaning in life

The dignity of elderly people and possibilities of giving meaning to their lives is another area of Anthroposophical work. Elderly people make up a growing percentage of the population. Existential questions concerning dying and death are challenges for the spirituality of modern society. Increasingly, life crises are seen as new opportunities to work on our past and future destiny. Growing old and dying in dignity is a central concern of Anthroposophy, and interdisciplinary research is conducted in this field.


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Useful addresses

Anthroposophically-based Old People’s Homes.

Haus Birkenrain, 8002 Zürich, 
Tel. 044 206 47 00, sekretariat(at)birkenrain.ch

Hof Riedern, 9016 St. Gallen, 
Tel. 071 282 96 20, hofriedern(at)bluewin.ch

Rüttihubelbad, 3512 Walkringen, Tel. 031 700 81 81, altersheim(at)ruettihubelbad.ch

Sonnengarten, 8634 Hombrechtikon, 
Tel. 055 254 40, sonnengarten(at)datacomm.ch

Haus Martin, 4143 Dornach,
 Tel. 061 703 09 99, hausmartin-dornach(at)bluewin.ch

Medical Facilities, 


Anthrosana, 4144 Arlesheim, Tel. 061 701 15 14, www.anthrosana.ch

Ita Wegman Klinik, 4144 Arlesheim, Tel. 061 705 71 11, www.wegmanklinik.ch

Lukasklinik, 4144 Arlesheim, Tel. 061 706 717, www.lukasklinik.ch

Paracelsus Spital, 8805 Richterswil, Tel. 044 787 21 21, www.paracelsus-spital.ch

www.sterben.ch – Wenn uns der Tod begegnet

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Support holistic care in old age

As this edition shows, anthroposophically-based medicine and artistic therapies have much to offer regarding the care of the elderly and the dying. Here is an important opportunity to support dignity in old age, dying and death.

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