Using the forces of nature, strengthening vitality

Biodynamic agriculture considers food production to be a cultural task. Milk, meat, grain, vegetables, and fruits that are biodynamically grown and produced, are certified with the Demeter mark of quality. They provide healthy nourishment, and with it the foundation for the human being’s development of soul and spirit.

Biodynamic farmers take cosmic laws into account when cultivating the land. They treat compost, soil, and plants with biodynamic preparations. The farm is seen, like an individual, as one self-contained organism.

Research on animal and plant breeding, as well as social and economic questions, is essential for future, progressive development. Part of this development is also a specific, professional training for biodynamic farmers.

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What is special about Demeter?

Biodynamic agriculture respects and cares for the soil, plants and animals. 

  • Soil, plants, and animals are allowed to develop in harmony.
  • Demeter cows bear their horns.
  • Farmers pay attention to natural and cosmic rhythms.
  • Biodynamic preparations stimulate soil life and strengthen the plants.
  • Demeter produce is processed carefully, and with consideration for its inherent values.
  • All participants of the market chain are involved in setting the prices, so that the process becomes transparent, and defined by mutual trust.